Air conditioning service and repair you can trust

A faulty air-conditioning can be frustrating to say the least. This can especially be the case when the  hot Sydney summer finally kicks in. As a matter of fact we receive the most calls from clients during the hottest months of the year. This is despite us informing everyone we work for on a regular basis to always get their air conditioning inspected by us prior to it becoming really hot. However, even then at times running a cooling unit 24/7 can result it in overheating and causing all sorts of problems as a result. Luckily we here at New Edge Group provide trustworthy and highly reputed air conditioning service and repair.

High quality repair services

Repairing an air condition is a difficult and often painstaking task. This is regardless of the problem that we need to fix. While some models make getting to the problematic sectors easier, others do not. However, as professionals our goal is to use the latest methods and tools which ensure that getting to the problematic area is quick and efficient. Once we get there in most cases the problematic component will need to be replaced. While replacement parts for various models are a dime a dozen we always use manufacturer recommended replacement parts or the nearest highest quality part. This ensures that what we repair continues to function without a hitch for a very long time.

Fast turnaround time

We have lots of experiencing with air conditioning service and repair but some units can at times take longer than others. That said at New Edge Group our experience allows us to quickly run through all the diagnostics to figure out what’s wrong with the unit. Once we do, we rely on the latest machines and quick hands to fix the unit ASAP. Our goal with all types of repairs is to ensure that our clients corporate and domestic suffer from as little downtime as possible. Though we never compromise the quality of our work just to deliver in the shortest period of time. As professionals quality is our top most priority.

Cost effective air conditioning service and repair

We have priced our services very aggressively despite spending a great deal to ensure that every one of our professionals is the best in the business, as well as uses the very best tools and replacement parts. We can guarantee that our service is second to none. As a matter of fact many people come to us mainly because they feel that our price to quality ratio is the very best in Sydney. This has resulted in  a growing number of people in the city who rely on us to keep their homes cool through the summer.

Save time and money by hiring us

We can save you time and lots of money mainly because our service comes backed with a satisfaction guarantee. So feel free to call us during business hours to report a problem or to get quote for any air conditioning job that you need done. Call us at 02 9725 5555 or simply fill out our online form if you are not able to get a hold of us over the phone or after business hours.

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