Air Conditioning Installations and Maintenance Eastern Suburbs

New Edge Group is able to provide a range of services for the installation and maintenance of air conditioning in the Eastern Suburbs. These services include the following:

  • Commercial Sales, Installation and Services
  • Residential Sales, Installation and Services
  • Commercial Design
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Corporate Solutions
  • Breakdown/Repairs

If you are a commercial company in the Eastern Suburbs, we can provide installation or maintenance services for air conditioning to your business. Whether you need a whole new range of air conditioners installed before summer hits, or one of your units is on the blink and requires some maintenance, we will be able to help you.

For any residential households in the area, we are able to advise you on the model and make of air conditioner that will be best for your property. In doing so, we will take into account things like the number of residents, the size of the property and any other factors. By getting an understanding of what you want to achieve by installing air conditioning (whether you want to cool just room or your whole household), we will be better placed to recommend a cooling solution that will properly suit your needs and requirements.

At New Edge Group, we believe the best way to avoid any potential problems is through regular maintenance of your systems. That is why, as well as being able to complete any air conditioning installation or maintenance in the Eastern Suburbs for our customers, we are also able to provide you with preventative maintenance services. Preventative maintenance can save you a significant amount of money that would otherwise be spent on repairs. It is also a good idea to have a professional check over your air conditioning before the hot summer months arrive, so that you can go into the season confident that no matter how sweltering it is outside, you will remain cool and comfortable in your house or office.

Breakdowns can happen at any time, and for a number of reasons. However, the one thing they all have in common is the adverse effect they have on the productivity of your employees, and the comfort of your customers. When you air conditioning breaks down, don’t waste time with substandard companies who will cost you time and money, instead, call New Edge Group on (02) 9725 5555, and one of our fast, responsive team will have everything back up and running in no time at all. If you wish to learn more about the air conditioning installation and maintenance solutions we provide in the Eastern Suburbs, then simply send us an email at

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