How to hire an electrical contractor in Sydney

When many people encounter an electrical problem in their homes or offices the first thing they do is call an electrical contractor they have used before. The problem with this approach in general is that they have no way of knowing if the contractor can handle the issue efficiently, like they did the last time. It goes without saying every electrical contractor specializes in certain types of repairs. While some can handle a number of different electrical problems but calling one without knowing if they can handle it is just wasting time and money. So, to start off with people should take the time to really hire a company with experience. This is where we at New Edge Group come in because we have a team of contractors who specialize in everything from air conditioning unit repairs to fuse replacements.

Always hire a reputed service

Whether it is a general electrical problem or one that requires lots of experience it pays to always hire a reputed service. A reputed service like New Edge Group, has a reputation to protect. It is for this reason that we only rely on the very best materials, tools and professionals. Many of our professionals when hired already have years of industry experience and have been certified. However, in addition they still need to undergo training by our own in house team, plus periodic refresher courses to ensure that they are always better than any of our competitors.

High quality workmanship

Workmanship is a big part of delivering any electrical service. It goes without saying that great workmanship can last a very long time whereas low quality will end up costing you a lot more in the long term. We ensure top class workmanship because we use the highest quality materials and tools for job. Plus our professionals have been tested and trained over period of years, after which they have proven to have great workmanship. It is for this reason that we have no problem backing up the work we do with a satisfaction guarantee, because we know that ¬†like many of our clients in the past you too will be extremely satisfied with the service we provide. In addition our people will continue to work for you until you’re fully satisfied with the service.

Cost effective

While the price of hiring an electrical contractor have generally been on the rise these past couple of years we have continued to keep our prices competitive. As a matter of fact we offer some of the most competitive prices compared to other equally reputed and experienced services. So, it really goes without saying that at New Edge Group we offer the best per dollar value electrical work in the business. Our growing list of clients is testament to the fact that we have continued to provide a top of the line, competitively priced service.

If you are looking for an electrical contractor that you can really trust then look no further than us. Call us at 02 9725 5555 to hire our services or to get a quote for the electrical work you need done. Alternatively, you can also get in touch via our online form and we will contact you with the details that you’ve requested.

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