Professional air conditioning installation & maintenance

While many people may think that installing an air conditioning unit is a simple, routine installation task the fact is that there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Regardless, of whether you’re installing a new split unit, an old window type AC or perhaps a central cooling unit the job needs to be done by a true professional. At least someone with a couple of years experience. The reason being that when the installation of a new air conditioning unit goes wrong it can cost you a lot of money, not to mention wreck your unit. With the prices of new units on the rise, coupled with the money you will pay for installation a break down a few months later because of incorrect installation means a lot more money out of your pocket. This is the main reason why experts strongly recommend that people hire professionals like us here at New Edge Group.

Workmanship backed by a guarantee

Air conditioning installation is tricky in our experience. As professionals its very important to be familiar with the underlying technology behind many of the latest units which often combine multiple functions into one.  In our experience the installation needs to be planned based on the location of the unit and the room in proximity to the environment outside. There also needs to be adequate planning for the waste condensation that flows away when the unit is running. The slightest mistake here can damage the unit. This is why our team of experts always take their time to first understand the situation and the chart out the best possible route. Which is why we have no problem guaranteeing an excellent outcome and backing our service with a comprehensive guarantee.

Air conditioning maintenance services

At New Edge Group we have been providing some of the best and most comprehensive air conditioning maintenance services in Sydney.  Though we highly recommend that people get their air conditioning system serviced prior to the heat wave kicking in, we can also provide immediate maintenance services. Our team comes fully equipped to your home, office or shop to take care of any type of problem with your unit. While at times the unit will have to be taken to our workshop so that it’s given a full work over, our goal is to always make sure that you suffer from as little downtime as possible. But we also need to make sure that the work we do lasts.

There is no air conditioning problem that we cannot fix. Plus if you still encounter the same problem our team will make sure to fix it for free. Though we rarely if ever had anyone complain that they were unhappy with the service or that their air conditioning unit was giving them problems just a few days after we fixed it.

Give us a call

If you are facing a problem with your air condition unit, you shouldn’t hesitate to call us right away. You can also call us for quotes on installing units as well as maintenance at 02 9725 5555 or fill out our online form and we will get in touch with you regarding the details.  keep in mind the fact that our rates are extremely competitive too.

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