Commercial Electricians In Sydney.

New Edge Group is a privately owned business and we are proud to say that we provide the finest services in air conditioning and electrical in all of Sydney. For many years now we have worked hard to establish ourselves as a leader in this industry. We have a team of highly skilled technicians who are qualified to work in a variety of areas such as commercial and industrial areas.

We provide work to both the private and public sectors for air conditioning and electrical contractors. We have established some solid relationships with customers and suppliers since we’ve been in business, all of which has helped us to become the leader that we are now regarded as in this industry. We are proud of the fact that we are able to provide so many important services to both the public and private sector and feel that this is the best way to provide as much value as possible to our many clients.

Air conditioning and electrical needs are both very important to both the public and private sector. Through our work we have been able to satisfy many of our clients and in turn, this has created solid relationships with those clients. The reason that we are able to function at such a high level is because we have some of the brightest staff on our team. We only select the best and brightest so then we can guarantee that our customers are always going to receive a high level of customer satisfaction.

If you ever need an air conditioning service in the Sydney region or reliable electrical contractors in Sydney then we have many fully qualified people on our team that can help you. We understand that it can be frustrating if your air conditioning breaks down, that’s why also offer Air Conditioning Repairs. There are many services involved with both the electrical and air conditioning fields so if there is anything that you need all you need to do is give us a call. Our professional staff will be able to help you with anything you need and then find out exactly what it is you need. Our service is tailored to every unique project. You will never be treated as just a number at this company, always as a valued and respected client.

There is a range of air conditioning services that we can help you with such as:
Industrial & Commercial Air Conditioning Installation
Commercial air conditioning repairs
• Residential Air Conditioning Installation
• Air Conditioning Maintenance & Duct Cleaning
Corporate Solutions

The same also applies for our electrical services. We have a great crew of electrical contractors servicing the Sydney region that can help you with the following:

Data and Voice Services
• Integrated Systems
Electrical Maintenance Services
Energy Management Services
Commercial Jobs

There are no better electrical contractors in Sydney. Call us today on 02 9725 5555

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